If my wife or I contract Covid-19 we are among those over 70 with health conditions, at a higher than average risk of having complications which may be costly of time and money for medical staff to treat as well as putting others at extra risk of harm.

The news about a vaccine being almost ready for production, as well as speedier and more testing, brings some long hoped-for reassurance.

We are in that class of folk who only leave home for exceptional reasons and so are extra reliant on the army of welcome folk who bring supplies to us, especially those who have always called, like milk and post deliverers.

We have a relative who travels far across the country carrying goods including bulk foods from docks to processors and retailers, a service mostly taken for granted.

I have seen priority lists of folk who should be first to receive the inevitably limited Covid tests and vaccines. I think that it is these frontline workers who should have even greater priority for early vaccines and frequent tests than us old folk.

We can limit our contacts, they have to be constantly vigilant and as they keep us safe by being Covid-19 free they should be at the head of any priority lists. I hope Parliament makes sure that it is thus.

Andrew S Hatton

D’Arcy Road, Tolleshunt Knights