A PARISH council has backed the creation of a group to monitor traffic problems in a village.

Little Totham Parish Council wants to form a working group to collect data and tackle problems such as cars and heavy trucks speeding through the streets.

The council is now asking for residents’ input.

A spokesman said: “The parish council is very conscious of these problems and are continually trying to improve the situation.

“We are making progress, but it can be slow.

“We now have a Community Speed Watch team with our own speed camera, but of course, due to the prevailing Covid situation, we are currently unable to operate the Speed Watch camera.

“One of our heavy goods operators has also now fitted all of their vehicles with a speed monitor that is activated when the vehicle is within the speed restrictions of our village, and if any of his vehicles exceed the limit, an alarm is sent through to the traffic manager in his office.

“If there is no plausible reason for that driver to breach the speed limit, then the driver is subjected to a disciplinary meeting with the traffic manager.

“As a result of this company’s actions, their lorries now rarely cause problems.”