MALDON District Council will be offering free parking in the run up to the festive season in their bid to support high street businesses.

There will be free parking in all public Town Centre car parks every Thursday from 2pm starting in December when lockdown restrictions are expected to be eased.

Dates include December 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31 as well as January 7 and 14 next year.

Council leader Wendy Stamp said: “We are all acutely aware that coronavirus has had a devastating effect on all of the businesses in the district, and particularly our high street retail, hospitality and services.

“I am pleased that we have developed an excellent working relationship with the High Street businesses, and I hope that by offering free parking it will go some way to support them over this difficult period.

“It will enable residents and visitors to the Town to shop local and shop safely in a more relaxed atmosphere with some shops remaining open later in the evening on a Thursday.”

Allison Gray, Chairman of Maldon Business Board, added: “This provides a good balance, supporting local businesses while spreading out demand for parking over the Christmas and, importantly, New Year period.

“Businesses have worked hard to provide safe shopping experiences and we would like to thank the council for working with us during this year.

“We look forward to wishing all our returning customers a Merry Christmas and safe New Year.”

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