A council has revealed that the coronavirus pandemic has the district thousands.

Maldon District Council has incurred a cost of £170,000 in refuse and recycling cost from April to September due to the coronavirus pandemic.

An increase in domestic waste from more people working from home and more gardening activities has brought about the significant costs.

The council has also included losses in the report from cancelled events at Promenade Park, totalling around £81,000, and well as the closure of the beach huts which lost £36,000.

A further estimated £672,000 has been lost in can parking charges an another £629,000 is expected to be lost in income from councils contract with Blackwater Leisure Centre.

Business grants, support packages and IT upgrades have also cost the authority an extra £59,000.

The council will received a grant of £899,000 from the Government to provide financial support for the costs incurred because of the pandemic.

An estimated £1 million of compensation will also be received by the council to cover the losses.

The report will be discussed at a meeting of the Strategy and Resources Committee on Thursday (November 19).