Builders who were targeted by racist vandals have thanked the community for helping to raising money to repair their van.

A vehicle belonging to the German craftsman was targeted twice in hate crime attacks whilst the team were installing a new pipe organ at St Mary's Church in Maldon.

At the end of their first visit to Maldon, the organ builders' van was targeted by vandals who 'keyed' the vehicle.

A sinister message saying "invaders will be repelled" had previously been left on the windscreen.

The van was then targeting again with eggs and flower whilst the workmen were eating dinner at the Queen Victoria Pub.

A GoFundMe page was quickly set up by Colin Baldy, musical director at St Mary's Church, to help with the repairs.

In just a short time, over £1,000 was raised and the van was repaired.

In a letter to the community the craftsmen said their faith in Maldon has been restored.

It said: "Dear Friends, we would like to thank you for all your warm hearted gestures of friendship and support for us following the unpleasant incidents of vandalism to our van.

"We were overwhelmed by your generosity in raising funds for the necessary repairs. It is wonderful to know that the individual who caused the damage does not represent the people of Maldon, and we are delighted that our impression of Maldon as a welcoming and friendly place has been restored.

"We hope that our work in St Mary's church is a worthy gift to the town and are sure that local residents are going to be suitably impressed and proud of it."

Colin Baldy added: "The response from the people of Maldon has been amazing.

"What’s been lovely about that is that, apart from the financial implications, the organ builders have had their faith in Maldon restored.

"It underlines the fact that the person who committed the vandalism really doesn’t represent the town.

"It's lovely to know that a terrible act seems to have ended up causing good."

St Mary's Church is hosting an open day on December 6 to showcase the new organ.