A council has called in experts to pinpoint the problem with the trees in Maldon's iconic Avenue of Remembrance.

Maldon District Council have called in tree specialists to find out what exactly is wrong with some of the horse chestnut trees.

It is thought they could be suffering from infection by a fungus-like organism, called Phytophthora, nicknamed 'the plant destroyer'.

Promenade Park's Avenue of Remembrance was created in 1935 when the families of those who died in the First World War planted 180 trees to commemorate their loved ones.

A further Avenue of Remembrance included 86 trees was created in 1987, to remembers the town's World War Two heroes.

Experts have looked at the trees and their findings are expected shortly.

The diseased trees are set to be replace over the winter months, though not by horse chestnuts as they could again become infected.

A council spokesperson said: "No firm decisions have yet been made about replacements for the trees which have succumbed to what we believe is Phytophthora, but works will take place over the winter, with a view to replacing them this tree-planting season, before the Spring.”