I enjoyed reading Father Graham Blyth’s excellent letter (Standard, October 15) as I too thought the Archbishop of Canterbury had lost the plot in some respects. And his involvement in politics is wrong.

Now that All Saints is again open for business it reminds me that on the Sunday the weekend after the start of the lockdown there were only three of us in the church, yet at the same time there were possibly 30 or more shopping in M & S.

Meantime how absurd that clergy were not allowed to enter their own buildings. Was this the bad judgement of the Archbishop or Boris?

And with regard to key workers Catherine Pepinster wrote an article in the Telegraph entitled “Churches have always been key workers” and in this respect one must admire the efforts of the Salvation Army in Maldon with their distribution of food to the needy.

Geoff Dickman

Essex Road, Maldon