Two councillors have joined the Independent Group at Maldon District Council.

Councillor Chrissy Morris, representing Heybridge West and Councillor Kevin Lagan, representing Maldon South have both joined the Independent Group.

The two additions now mean the Independent Group have 15 councillors and a majority of six.

The Conservative group have nine councillors and there are six non-aligned councillors.

Councillor Karl Jarvis stepped down from the conservative group earlier this week as is non a non-aligned member of Maldon District Council.

Earlier this month Councillor Richard Siddall joined the conservative group following sanctions made against former council leader Adrian Fluker.

The council has faced a lot of controversy over the past year including an independent investigation which found Mr Fluker had breached the code of conduct by 'bullying' and 'humiliating' another councillor.

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