A headteacher has said that students have been wear face coverings from 'day one'.

Essex County Council announced earlier this week that pupils and adults must mask up when leaving the classroom and meeting in communal areas.

In a letter sent out to all pupils in County Hall schools, Ray Gooding, councillor responsible for education, said parents must provide their children with masks.

But, Carl Wakefield, headteacher at Plume Academy said the school brought in the compulsory wearing of face coverings five weeks ago.

He said both students and staff have been dealing with it 'exceptionally well'.

Carl said: "Plume Academy brought in the compulsory wearing of face coverings five weeks ago and at the start of the time key measures started to show an upward trajectory.

"From day one of this, students and staff alike have taken to the wearing of face coverings or visors on the corridors and moving between lessons exceptionally well, not that I ever doubted this would be the case.

"This also been how they have been on school buses and public transport too.

But Mr Wakefield said the school isn't at a point where face masks are needed during lessons.

He added: "Moving forward, we will keep a watching brief on the local and national scene, data and tiers and if deemed necessary, look to move to the bring in the wearing of face coverings in lessons too.

"However, at present, we are not at such a point.

"I remain immensely proud as to how our students and staff have adapted to not only the wearing of face coverings but to all COVID-19 protocols we have had to put in place.

"The support of our parents and carers has remained immense throughout the pandemic period too and without this, quite simply, we would not have successfully got to the point at which we’re at as we near the end of the first half term of autumn.

"Staff have been the same I hasten to add and by all of these stakeholders acting in such a manner, they have not only protected themselves and their own loved ones but also the entire Plume Family at the same time."