One parent has said a school did all they could after two cases of coronavirus were confirmed.

Earlier this week Heybridge Primary School had two cases of coronavirus confirmed after a child in the Early Years tested positive.

The school confirmed that the child was isolating at home when they contracted the virus and had not been in school with symptoms.

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Some parents criticised the school saying the school should have closed the following day for a deep clean.

One parent said: "The school was still open the next day for everyone else the only deep clean was to the classroom and school hall.

"Children had to sit in their classrooms to eat their school dinners."

But others praised the school and said there was nothing more they could have done.

Laura Sutton, who has a six and seven year old daughter at the school said: "My six year old has a weak immune system and as soon as they school was made aware of a reception child testing positive every child in that year group and siblings of any children that year group were sent home and the year group have had to isolate for 14 days.

"The next day the other years had lunch in there classrooms and any toilets that could have been used by reception children were out of use for deep cleaning.

"The reception children have a fenced off separate playground that no other year uses and the classrooms were completely quarantined and then deep cleaned.

"I do not know what more the school can possibly do apart from what they have done.

"What are they supposed to do, shut the entire school down and cause disruption to working parents and children that have certain routines and structures they need to stick to.

"The school has so hard to move away from the reputation it had many years ago, the school is an amazing school and would go above and beyond for every student there I commend Mr Waltham and every member of staff there,

"Yes there has been a second case but the child tested positive in isolation and had no symptoms when they were attending school there's not really anything more the school can do about that then what they are doing."