I am horrified to see the removal of 40 metres or so of ancient hedging along the A414 on the left-hand side heading towards Danbury just past the Morrisons/new estate roundabout.

Does nothing have any value anymore, unless it has a “£” sign attached to it?

In these environmentally-aware times, I expect much better, but as the grab for cash carries on and everything is left to the free market - ie stick up executive homes in an area desperate for affordable housing, social housing and bungalows for the elderly - I do not expect much else.

The generation who fought in two horrific world wars wanted and demanded better housing and an NHS, while we just sit back and let this financial and moral corruption happen to us with hardly a whimper and the natural world takes a battering at the same time.

Owen Lionnel

Farthings, Highlands Drive, Maldon