A BOATING boom will see more moorings come to the River Crouch.

More swinging moorings will be laid this winter in a bid to meet the growing demand for berths on the east coast.

Fambridge Yacht Haven is planning an extra 12 swinging river moorings after all 110 of its moorings sold out during summer 2020.

Marina manager Danyal Adams says he has seen growing demand for moorings.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen a steady growth in yachts in North Fambridge with many new customers using our Yacht Haven facilities as well as many past customers returning to the area after cruising different parts of the UK,” he said.

“We conduct thorough biannual checks on our swinging mooring to ensure that our ground chains and risers are all in good condition, and it is this type of diligence which helps attract boaters to North Fambridge.

"In addition, we’ve tried to make our moorings as accessible as possible with a floating tender rack as well as walk-ashore pontoons for skippers to pick up and drop off their crew.”

Last year, Fambridge Yacht Haven launched a new seven day-a-week mooring ferry service with members of the North Fambridge Yacht Club.

The service operates throughout the summer, transporting boaters together with kit.

The service is operated by trained yacht club volunteers.

Fambridge Yacht Haven also has more than 220 marina berths in addition to the swinging river moorings.

Annual swinging moorings start from £147 a month and are suitable for boats up to 16m in length, and up to 18 tons.