The Independent Group have the majority at Maldon District Council after another councillor resigned.

Former Deputy Leader, Councillor Maddie Thompson resigned earlier this week as a member of the Conservative Group representing Tolleshunt D'arcy.

According to Maldon District Council website, she is now a non-aligned councillor, meaning the Independents now have the majority by one.

Last month, Councillor Thompson quit as Deputy Leader following Adrian Fluker who stepped down as leader.

Mr Fluker was found to have breached the councillors code of conduct by the joint standards committee after complaints were launched against him.

Councillors Richards Dewick and Michael Helm also left the conservative group last month.

Councillor Bob Boyce also stood down as Maldon District Council chairman after his two-year-term was due to come to an end.

Veteran councillor Bryan Harker also resigned from the council completely after 25 years in office.