The B1012 struggles to cope during the rush hour at the moment, causing queuing on its access roads from the town.

The additional traffic from the new development north of the B1012, plus increased commuter traffic from residential development in Maldon district to the railway station and beyond will exacerbate the situation.

The six extra pedestrian crossings, between Shaw Farm and Saltcoats roundabouts, and another roundabout on the B1012 will also increase traffic delays substantially.

Most importantly, it appears the potential impact the proposed construction of Bradwell B nuclear power station, Chinese involvement or not, will have on the B1012 main road has been ignored.

Once work at Bradwell B commences, traffic will increase considerably. Current assessments, included in the Bradwell B Company Consultation Document indicate average daily two-way HGV movements of between 500 and 700.

Additionally, the construction workforce need to travel to and from the site. Bradwell B states there will be “tens of thousands of jobs during construction”.

Although they hope to provide temporary accommodation for up to 4,500 workers adjacent to the site, the remainder will have to travel by road. Even if they locate a suitable Park and Ride site, all the remaining workforce would need to negotiate the B1012 whether by bus and/or private vehicle.

The construction of Bradwell B is phased over a 12-year period. When you add Bradwell B to the mix of the new development of land North of South Woodham Ferrers and other developments in Maldon district it creates a perfect storm for the South Woodham Ferrers section of the B1012.

It is apparent there is a lack of joined up thinking and foresight between the various local authorities/partnerships, all of which will adversely impact upon the residents of South Woodham Ferrers and motorists travelling from Maldon and the Dengie.

The B1012 is the one section of highway that has to cater for ALL Bradwell B traffic movements, whichever strategic route is selected. The local authorities need to reconsider a northern by-pass around the perimeter of the new development before building any new houses and link it to the A132.

This solution would alleviate the problem for all motorists on the Dengie Peninsula who have to use the B1012.

Traffic congestion in South Woodham Ferrers creates pressure on some motorists to increase speed and take unnecessary risks after escaping the delays and this causes avoidable serious accidents and injuries on the A132 west of the town and the B1012, B1010 and B1018 to the east. Additional snarl-ups would increase the accident rate on these roads.

While accepting the Government’s need to build more houses, the addition of 1,000-plus houses brings a consequent increased demand and pressure on local services. It isn’t clear that the Masterplan recognises this or addresses it. The Government’s infrastructure proposals also include road building which the Masterplan totally ignores.

Unless Chelmsford City Planners and Essex County Highways are willing to open their eyes and ears, then with or without Bradwell B, they are sleepwalking into gridlock and all local road users will suffer.

Woodham Infrastructure Group