There has been much fevered speculation about the Bradwell B new nuclear project falling in the wake of the current breakdown of relations with China.

That may be so, but what few commentators seem to have observed is that Bradwell is probably doomed because it is a wholly unsuitable and unsustainable site. Plans recently released indicate a giant industrial complex on a flat, low-lying peninsula ringed about with various designations, including protection for the Colchester Native Oyster.

Who in their right mind would consider erecting two mega reactors with all the attendant bells and whistles, including twin cooling towers and long-term highly radioactive spent fuel stores on a site that is likely to become flooded and stranded as climate change impacts wreak havoc on the fragile Essex shores?

Beijing to Bradwell – the terminus of the Belt and Road where Chinese infiltration in our sensitive nuclear infrastructure begins and ends.

Prof. Andrew Blowers, OBE,

Chair of Blackwater against New Nuclear Group (BANNG)