While he is apparently not in favour of a new nuclear power station at Bradwell, Robbie Green (Letters June 11 and 25) unfortunately gives it undeserved credibility by claiming that “more and more energy has to be available” and that “energy is and will be required in ever more amounts”.

In an interview published in the spring 2020 edition of their magazine Gridline, the National Grid’s electric vehicles project manager, Graeme Cooper, states: “The most demand for electricity we’ve had in recent years in the UK was for 62GW in 2002. Since then due to improved energy efficiency, such as the installation of solar panels, the nation’s peak demand has fallen by roughly 16 per cent.”

Sadly, Robbie Green is also wrong in his assertion that the pylons are already in place. In fact for a power station of this size, huge additional environmental destruction would be inevitable as all the existing pylons and overhead wiring would need to be replaced.

Nothing he has said could justify the devastation to the lives of local people and the natural environment that Bradwell B would bring.

Stephen Dewick

Mill End, Bradwell-on-Sea