I have been delighted to read Judy Lea and Robbie Green’s recent letters on the Bradwell B Project (BBP).

As Robbie Green states in his letter of June 25 ‘…we all have to fight together…to make sure if these projects have to be built, they are built properly in the right place and the environment is given the highest consideration’. However, as Judy Lea argues, this is not evident in the BBP.

Looking at the map on the Contents pages in the Stage One-Construction Summary Document, the BBP main development site is similar in size to Maldon, if not larger.

It is evident that the project will not only dominate, during and after completion, on the north-east Dengie peninsula which includes a Roman site, East Hall Farm, where the Othona Essex Community is situated, a 7th-century church, Bradwell Waterside, Bradwell-on-Sea, Bradwell Marina and an historic, tranquil and aesthetically pleasing rural area going south to Burnham and the Crouch.

People in West Mersea, Brightlingsea, Tollesbury and all other villages and towns on the Blackwater and beyond in Essex’s relatively level and low environment, will also have a massive nuclear power station imposing on their lives.

As Judy Lea pointed out in detail in her June 18 letter, both land and water will all be affected adversely.

The essential tourist, sailing, cycling and walking attractions of this area will be also be downgraded. The environment has not been given the highest consideration by the creators of the BBP.

The well-being and quality of life of citizens in, and visitors to, this vast area will be adversely affected for the benefit of people in areas that cannot be dominated by the view of the power station, be affected by the noise and pollution of increased commercial and workers’ traffic, and have the potential of illness or death from radio-active spent fuel and other nuclear wastes on the site. So the BBP is not in the right place.

As the Thames and the south-east will be the key areas to benefit for the electricity generated by this project, the BBP should be erected there. And it needn’t be so large.

So let’s work together to ensure that the BBP is of benefit to Maldon and Burnham, and built in the right place to show the highest consideration to our environment.

Andrea Raiker

Beacon Hill, Maldon