Up to now I have always resisted replying to other readers who have disagreed or objected to any of my offerings to this page.

But for Judy Lea (Standard Letters, June 18, “We need open spaces and not Bradwell B”), who ardently objects to how I saw the situation regarding the Bradwell B power station proposal, I will make an exception.

My original letter’s principle subject was that if the Government decide on a new power station, then I fear that is what they will have. Local opinion doesn’t generally count for very much, and these major government projects will be voted through like a lot of other works that intrude on people’s lives.

A good example as any, somebody in Whitehall decided Maldon needed a bypass about 30 years ago, instantly destroying that lovely nature trail that was the old railway line which I and many others used to enjoy. Was that needed? I think I would be wise to leave it to the readers to decide on that one.

No company, particularly a Chinese one, would have come this far if they didn’t have a pretty good idea of how the land lies and there’s profit to be had, the question remains, will it be built here or somewhere else? Hence “don’t shoot the messenger” theme.

It has always been my intention to spark a lively debate in these pages and make people who are paid to do their jobs for the good of this area accountable. I care about this land just as much as Judy does along with a lot of other people.

I was somewhat dismayed that she had to embellish what I wrote, suggesting I am in favour of the power station, by using context that I was arguing for the advantages of a power station.

I can assure her nothing could be further from the truth. Personally I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing, because I am not qualified to decide or judge something as fundamental as energy demands for this country.

Judy did make an excellent point regarding, do we need another costly power station? She needs to seek out people who can explain the alternatives to nuclear power. Because what is certain, energy is and will be required in ever more amounts, so if anyone out there can come up with suitable, affordable and practical alternatives, let’s hear them please, rather than just arguing.

All I can offer to reassure this good lady is that after this dreadful year is over, the economy is now in such disarray the Government may have a major rethink about this country’s spending.

But she should understand and accept my style of how I see things and that we all have to fight together in our own way to make sure if these projects have to be built, they are built properly, in the right place and the environment is given the highest consideration and promises are kept so we can all continue to walk upon the ever shrinking countryside of east Essex.

Robbie Green

Fambridge Road, Maldon