I am horrified by information I have read about the proposed power station at Bradwell-on-Sea.

Looking at the plans this will virtually destroy a lovely peaceful English village.

There is a nature reserve involved at Curry Farm where many unusual species are found.

Stephen Dewick has already written to your newspaper stating the urgency of protecting this 65 acre of wonderful wildlife.

This oasis in the middle of modern farmland that is a haven for many species, many of which are of national importance.

One such is the large tortoiseshell butterfly (which is registered as extinct in Britain but occurs here).

My husband and myself have visited this area at least once but mostly a couple of times a year, to experience its wonderful diversity of rare and interesting flora and fauna. It is crucial that this haven is protected, it CANNOT be duplicated by any mitigation.

In a world that is constantly losing its wild areas, which is detrimental to human well being, surely this small area can be saved.

We are living in unprecedented times at the moment. Can we not learn from our mistakes and start to preserve these precious areas for the next generation?

Mrs J A Braker

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