I would like to express my gratitude for the messages of support that I have received since the publication of my letter (Standard, April 23).

With the coronavirus pandemic still hanging over our community many local people have still not yet realised the true enormity of the Bradwell B threat.

In 2018 the Planning Inspectorate ruled that the land adjacent to the Bradwell Marina was not a suitable place for a caravan site, and yet now it and the fields between Trusses Road and Woodyards Road are all earmarked for workers’ accommodation units of up to six storeys in height.

The Indicative Main Development Site boundary extends from the River Blackwater all the way south to East End Road.

The historic Control Tower is threatened with demolition and the Bradwell Bay memorial commemorating those who lost their lives flying out of here during WWII is included within the development site.

I would also be interested to know how many people throughout the wider district are at risk at having their land and gardens taken for the building of the proposed new access roads and freight management facilities etc and whether any of them have ever been contacted by BRB/CGN to discuss their wishes.

I suspect that, like me ,they are all victims of a company that seems to think that it can just take whatever it wants with or without our consent.

Stephen Dewick

Mill End, Bradwell-on-Sea