RECENTLY I heard a politician describe the present worldwide pandemic as being equal to the Second World War and I am absolutely disgusted at such an inane remark.

Yes, people in the service and civvy street were injured and many died, but just where is this comparable, for when it came to food, the country was put under rationing.

Food was in short supply, but there was enough to go around for most people because people were only allowed to purchase what they were allowed.

Today we have panic buying where the greedy selfishly grab what they can, which breeds concern with others in self isolation, who may not be able to get about and have to rely on the help of others.

Now it seems that the over-70s may be looked upon to stay at home and only go out to buy food in shops that have empty shelves of essential foods. Crazy!

It will be the stoic folk that survived those times with trim healthy bodies (there were no fat people in those days) who are once again being asked to carry the can.

Yes, we the elderly fully realise that people will suffer and, God forbid, pass away, so how about some good sensible ideas from our politicians that will help ease some of the pressures that come with old age?

I have witnessed all sorts of idiots in the supermarkets in the last few days and it is shocking that those supermarkets trying to prevent panic buying are relying on the lads and lasses on the checkouts to restrict excessive purchases, because it is they who are being bullied by those greedy panic-stricken, self-serving customers.

If the greedy can’t discipline themselves, then the Government must do it for them!

Tony Ashby