A NEIGHBOURHOOD watch group is appealing for more volunteers to help in key roles.

Maldon’s Neighbourhood Watch is looking to fill vacancies for a treasurer and secretary after both roles became vacant last year.

While the group is still able to operate, the strain has meant the group has joined the Chelmsford branch to help with information gathering.

Now, the Maldon branch is appealing for members of the public to help in their mission to raise awareness of public safety.

Chairwoman Mandy Chapman said: “As we are part of Neighbourhood Watch, this means we are currently unconstitutional.

“In order to continue until this can be rectified, we will amalgamate with Chelmsford in line with the policing district of Chelmsford and Maldon.

“Clive Stewart, Chairman of Essex County Neighbourhood Watch, our partners at Essex Police, Maldon district and Chelmsford councils have all been supportive throughout this difficult time.

“Hopefully if we are able to fill these roles, we can return to our own meetings again in the future.

“In the meantime, this does not affect the running of individual watches in any way whatsoever.

“In fact, there is some fantastic work in the Burnham area going ahead now.

“The support network is still there and some great work is happening in our district.”

County Neighbourhood Watch chairman Clive Stewart said: “We are always looking for people to do what ever they can with the time they have.”

The shortfall has affected the bi-monthly meetings at the district council offices as the last meeting was held in November last year.

Meanwhile, the Essex group has celebrated 25 years, with Mandy being part of the watch for more than a decade.

She added: “Clive is very supportive and he’s also aware that we receive and appreciate these weekly reports from police.

“I’m blessed to have him and other colleagues across the county for support and the sharing of good practice.

“There is a tremendous small group of co-ordinators who attend the meetings and they agree with the way ahead for us as planned.”

To find out more, visit essexnwa.co.uk or email thebraxtedsneighbourhood-watch@yahoo.com.