AN informative workshop on spotting the signs of fraud will be held tomorrow morning.

Essex Police and Barclays are holding a Fraud Awareness event on Tuesday, February 11 from 10am to 1pm at the Barclays bank branch in Maldon high street.

Members of the public are invited to join bank staff as well as police representatives Terry Fowles and fraud coordinator Nicola Doubleday.

They will all be available to advise on safe banking online and the measures which can be taken to avoid becoming a victim to rogue traders and fraudsters.

A spokesman said: “Fraudsters can try to trick people in many different ways, at a cash machine, by email, text, phone or on-line often posing as somebody from a trusted organisation.

“Barclays Fraud Awareness events can help people from becoming a victim of fraud and gives them the opportunity to ask questions and gain an understanding of the importance of keeping safe from the range of scams in existence.”

“Barclays work closely with both Essex Police and Trading Standards and our branch colleagues continue to be vigilant and will often question customers if they feel they could be under duress when asking to withdraw large sums of money.

The event is open to anyone with no appointment necessary.