A CONTROVERSIAL plan to build houses within a small cul-de-sac have been approved.

The proposal for three bungalows with garages on land off Stoney Hills in Burnham was discussed by Maldon District Council.

Residents living nearby had complained that the development would back on to their homes, causing privacy issues.

There were also concerns about overdevelopment and increasing the traffic problems in the town as the area has narrow roads.

However, the planning committee approved the application.

Burnham mayor Wendy Stamp, who did not agree with the development - along with the town council - abstained from the vote.

Mrs Stamp said: “We are actually dealing with people’s lives here.

“How long do people have to suffer over either this council’s decisions or the planning inspector’s decisions?

“I had really been trying to look for a planning reason to refuse this, but I can’t because I know if it goes to appeal, we’re not going to win.

“So all I can do is apologise on behalf of Burnham Town Council to the residents of Stoney Hills.

“It is a shocker and it’s a shame that it had started a precedent.”

  • A detail previously used in the print version of this article was published in error. Burnham Mayor Wendy Stamp did not vote to approve the proposal. We apologise for any misunderstanding it may have caused.