We are writing with reference to your article about the overturned car in Wantz Road on New Year’s Eve (Standard, January 9).

You state on the front page that “residents call for action over controversial parking scheme” but you then go on to quote just one resident; Elizabeth Willsher.

We are residents and we are writing to state that we are not calling for action (at least, not to condemn the scheme), nor is the scheme controversial.

We sympathise with Mrs Willsher because both the recent incidents of crashed cars have happened outside her house.

However, both occurred not because of the concept of residents’ parking but as a direct result of driver error, possibly including excessive speed.

Similar crashes occured even before the scheme was introduced. Indeed, there was one by George’s Tyres just before the scheme started in November 2018.

Excess speed was the problem in this instance.

Since the residents’ parking has been introduced, average speeds have reduced from up to 60mph to between 20 and 30mph.

Sadly, there are still dangerous drivers who drive too fast, and that appears to have been the problem with this latest incident.

We are delighted with the residents parking scheme.

It took ten years of campaigning, several petitions and a vast number of consultations by the council to get it introduced.

The scheme received clear support from local residents throughout and it is not overstating things to say that it has changed our lives.

We have gone from having no parking at all to being able to park either outside our homes or close by.

This has been invaluable for the elderly and for families with young children.

We believe the problems experienced by Mrs Willsher are not just down to excessive speed but have been exacerbated by the way in which ECC implemented the scheme.

They decided not to put any markings on the road surface, which we believe to have been a mistake.

The chicane clearly slows traffic, but it should be properly marked; leaving enough space for people to pass safely.

Indeed, introducing another chicane or two would slow traffic further but we believe that ECC need to introduce proper markings and signage.

Perhaps they could do this when they eventually get around to resurfacing the road; something that is long overdue.

As a final observation, we urge the council to look at banning through traffic and introducing a town centre-wide 20mph speed limit.

With all the new housing being built, the situation throughout the town is only going to get worse.

Darren and Susan Brown; Colin Baldy; Dennis and Gwen Johnson; Roland and Margaret Still; Chris Land; James and Caroline Basey

Wantz Road