A group aiming to reduce isolation for women will meet for the first time this month.

Inspired by Maldon Man Cave, the women’s group ‘No Man’s Land’ has been introduced by mum and daughter Michaela and Sharon Pack.

The pair decided to form the group as a way of meeting other women in the area.

Michaela, 29, said: “We’ve met a few people since moving but not many, so we thought it would be a nice idea to set up a group to meet more women so we could socialise together and not be so isolated.

“We put out a poll on the Maldon Juicy Gossip Facebook group to see how many people would be interested and we were shocked at the response.

“So, we decided to set the group up as it was clearly something the women of Maldon wanted.

“It’s a group for women to join to make new friends and have other women to talk to if they don’t already.”

Mum Sharon, who is retired, says they were inspired by the Maldon Man Cave.

She said: “We noticed the other week there was Maldon Man Cave which we had never heard of before and it got us talking about how it would be lovely for there to be a female version.

“So far, the response has been overwhelming - we set the group up on Sunday afternoon and by Monday morning we had over 500 members.

“We are overwhelmed with the amount of people joining our group and thanking us for setting it up. “Also, the amount of people that have offered their help to run the group - everyone has been so kind and friendly, and we cannot wait to meet everyone.”

Personal assistant Michaela added: “We would encourage people to come along as it gives us

women a place to go and speak with one another about our day to day lives, gives tips, gets us meeting new people and creates new friendships.

“We both feel like it would very positive thing for the community as it’s a support network and as you can see from the response so far everyone is very excited about it.”

The group have their first meet up on January 21 at the Oak House in the High Street at 7.30pm.

Some of the activities the group have planned includes pub quizzes, meals, tribute nights, theatre shows, afternoon tea and dog walking.

To find out more, visit bit.ly/FacebookNoMansLand.