A MOVIE-MAKER has continued his tradition of documenting his own life by recording every day of 2019 – and condensing it into a 14-minute film.

IT infrastructure specialist Ryan Grant, 28, took one moment from each day and stitched them all together in a video called My Life Filmed Everyday 2019.

This is the seventh video he has made for the project since he started in 2013. The film takes viewers from new year celebrations to lunches with friends, birthdays, holidays and petting his pets.

However, 2019 came with some challenges for Ryan, from Maldon, who had to navigate work life and bereavements.

Ryan said: “2019 was a tough year in many aspects.

“I’d been working for the same company since 2011 and they had decided to outsource the majority of my department.

“This was a very slow and painful process which started in September 2018 and ended August 2019.

“Effectively, I had to teach someone my job so they could replace me.

“The intro to the 2019 video was meant to symbolise that I was done with 2018.

“2019 did have some very positive highlights also.

“I bought a new house at the end of the year, travelled to Canada and it’s also worth mentioning all the weird and wonderful friends that I have in my life – but they are in my videos every year.”

Ryan launched the project after being inspired by a talk which advised people to try something new every day for a month.

Editing down the annual videos can take anything from 24 to 50 hours in total.

Ryan said: “I generally only film a few seconds of my day but I do like making other types of videos, so I end up having hundreds of hours of footage to pick from each year.

“It took five hours just to put the dates in!

“Comparing 2019 to 2013, I can definitely see I’ve matured and grown up.

“I feel a little more predictable these days, if that makes sense.

“It’s good to see that I’m still in touch with a lot of my friends even seven years on.

“I have a new job as of December so I think I’ll be focusing a lot on that this year.”

Ryan is currently living between Saltcote Maltings and his new home in Witham.

He is an avid videographer and creates content for his YouTube channel in his spare time.

Watch at youtube.com/watch?v=Ry1O8gYHWaY.