A NEW course will aim to explore the amazing history of deities throughout the ages.

Gods of Today is organised by the Workers’ Education Association and will be delivered by tutor Benjamin Pestell at Tollesbury Congregational Church this month.

Over six sessions, students will be able to explore the ideas around old and new gods and where their place was in the world.

A spokesman said: “This course will appeal to anyone interested in the range of characters who have been thought of as divine from ancient times until the present.

“We will imagine ourselves at the dawn of humanity as we compare the sun gods who were so central to early religions.

“We encounter the diverse pantheon of Greek gods, the unruly Norse gods, and African and American tricksters.

“We will hear about the death of the great god Pan and the coming of Christ.

“Finally, we will consider the new gods of the modern age, from the personal gods of the visionary poet William Blake to the gods of media, technology and the market, as found in Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods.”

Sessions take place on Tuesdays from 10am from January 21 to March 3.

The price of the course is £47. For more information, visit enrolonline.wea.org.uk.