THE driver and passenger of a car had a “miracle” escape after it overturned at an accident blackspot.

The crash happened in Maldon’s Wantz Road on New Year’s Day.

Residents say they are becoming increasingly concerned at the number of accidents since a new parking scheme was introduced in the street.

The latest crash involved a driver and passenger who were “miraculously” uninjured after the car flipped on to its roof.

Wantz Road resident Elizabeth Willsher said: “We have a line of parked cars on both sides of the road.

“To get through the gap, the cars must swing round to one side then swing back.

“This seems to be where all the problems are happening - some of them don’t seem to be able to judge the gap.

“We’ve had so many problems since the new parking scheme was introduced in 2018.

“This one hit a parked car, caught the mirror and damaged its back wheel, swung across the road and hit the kerb on the other side and flipped upside down.

“Miraculously there was no injury to the occupants of the car, but it could have been very different.”

Mrs Willsher said before the new scheme was introduced in November 2018, parking wasn’t permitted before 6pm.

Now residents can park on the road at any time if they have a paid-for permit.

She said: “I don’t recall having all these incidents before the residents’ parking scheme, but just a couple of days after it was introduced there was a crash.

“A car came through the gap and straight into our garden and demolished our fence and the neighbours’ wall.

“I only know about the opinions of our neighbours and a few residents, but we are getting fed up with it.

“I’ve written several letters to Essex County Council about it and they said it will be reviewed, but we don’t seem to have seen any changes or heard any more about it. The fact is that we’ve had several incidents now and its disruptive.

“People don’t want damage to their gardens or cars, it’s a hassle that no-one wants.

“I think the council needs to do more – we need a review.

“I wish the council would have another think about it.

“Something needs to be done.”

An Essex Highways spokesman said residents with concerns should contact their county councillor, adding: “Most residents would need to be agreed with any proposal to remove the permit parking.

“Parked cars normally act as a speed restraint, with drivers obliged to take more care in a road with parking.

“The small number of collisions we have records of to date are not obviously suggestive of an engineering solution.”