I AM writing with regards to the proposed four new routes for the A12 in addition to the 2017 proposal (Junctions 23 to 25).

My family and I are extremely concerned with these proposals, primarily around these points:

1. The movement of the A12 to within 300 metres of our house,

2. The significant increase in additional traffic along Easthorpe Road,

3. West Tey and North Essex Garden Communities Ltd.

We fully understand the need for the A12 re-alignment and upgrade.

However we are extremely concerned the new proposal is bringing the A12 so close to us that the level of noise and pollution with the prevailing winds will not only ruin the beautiful countryside where we live, but it will also have a negative impact on the habitats of many species of wildlife, not to mention the massive detrimental effect upon my family’s health, wellbeing and quality of life.

We do not understand why the A12 would have to be in such close proximity to Easthorpe, while completely disregarding the 2017 proposal.

The revised routes are clearly not needed and are only being proposed because of the garden communities. Easthorpe Road is a predominantly single-track road with a 30mph limit.

As a leading member of the Community Speed Watch group, I would also question the validity of the current data as I understand the stats are from 2015.

I can assure you, having also been a resident of the village for 15 years, that there has been a significant increase in traffic over the past 18 months.

It is blatantly apparent that the speed limit is not adhered to.

We are strongly of the opinion that the original 2017 options should remain because West Tey is simply not viable.

We politely and respectfully request the 2017 proposal is actioned and further that Easthorpe Road be closed off at the southbound junction with the A12.

James Minifie

Easthorpe Road, Easthorpe