A HOUSING developer is reconsidering a streetlighting scheme for a new 75-home estate after receiving flak from activists.

Developers are pulling the plug on proposed lighting for the North Fambridge development, which was approved earlier this year.

A residents’ campaign group fought against the six-metre tall lamp-post lighting scheme which they claimed would “severely affect” local wildlife.

Campaigner Jennifer Squire said: “I got a letter from David Wilson Homes saying that they are going to submit a change of plan of no lighting on the 75-housing estate west of Fambridge Road.

“We have to wait to see whether Maldon District Council pass it, but fingers crossed they will.”

Essex Wildlife Trust also expressed concerns that the nearby nature reserve would be affected by the lighting.

The boundary of the application site is less than 80 metres from Blue House Farm Nature Reserve on the north bank of the River Crouch.

The trust said: “The installation of standard urban streetlighting would materially alter the light levels in the environment and result in considerable light intrusion.”

A spokesman for David Wilson Homes Eastern Counties said: “The development has an existing external lighting strategy approved by the local authority.

“However, following feedback from residents and parish councillors, as well as the advice of Essex Wildlife Trust, we have resubmitted a revised strategy to remove the street lighting entirely.

“The decision now lies with Maldon District Council as to whether the revised strategy should be approved as complying with the respective planning conditions.”

The currently dark landscape has allowed wildlife to thrive in the area, including nocturnal species including barn owls and bats, migratory birds, and invertebrates such as glow worms.