A BIRD-TRACKING project has revealed the return of geese on their winter migration from thousands of miles away in Siberia.

Blue House Farm Nature Reserve, at North Fambridge, is part of the Brent Goose Ringing Project.

For the past two years, Essex Wildlife Trust and the Southern Colour Ringing Group have been working together to track the movements of the geese when they are spotted around the world.

A spokesman said: “It is exciting and humbling to see birds on the reserve and know from their rings that we’ve encountered them before at Blue House Farm and that they’ve managed to fly thousands of miles and return to the same place, right here.

“So far this winter, 12 ringed brent geese have been seen back at Blue House Farm out of the individuals ringed during the past two winters.

“There are four geese from last year’s ringed birds which are believed to be paired up together, and we’re happy to have seen that one of these pairs has brought back with them three juveniles.”

The yearly migration sees more than 30,000 of the dark-bellied birds fly thousands of miles from eastern Siberia to Essex each winter.