Your article “We’re in mortal danger” (Standard, November 21) highlights again the danger in Goldhanger Road, Heybridge.

It is surely disgraceful that a request which began some 18 months ago about a clear serious danger is still unresolved.

Bureaucracy seems to be involved and writing to the appropriate councillor on the district council for support does not even produce a reply.

Meantime Heybridge Parish Council is to be commended for pursuing the matter.

Let us be clear: the situation is one of real danger and it is one that will get steadily worse as traffic in and around Maldon gets heavier and heavier.

The key change we seek, one that would provide a permanent difference, is moving the point at which traffic is signed to reduce speed to 40mph to a position further out from Heybridge.

This would mean the speed at which traffic passes the many exits on to Goldhanger Road with very low visibility would reduce and that overtaking would be less likely as drivers would be more conscious of the need for care.

Two further points should be borne in mind: first this is not just a matter of a few local people feeling vulnerable, many thousands of people use this road (repeatedly) and the danger affects every one of them.

Secondly, what is being asked for – not much more than relocating a couple of signs – is hardly a major expense, yet we get the distinct impression that only a serious accident or a death will prompt action.

It would be sensible and much appreciated if the powers that be can get their act together and get this done. Surely it is better to be safe than sorry.

Patrick Forsyth

Goldhanger Road Group