A HAIRDRESSER is bringing to light the emotional effects alopecia can have on sufferers.

Reed Hair, in High Street, Maldon, invited Maddison Hicks and Charlotte Burch, who have alopecia, to talk about the fear factor of entering a salon when you suffer from hair loss.

The salon has now welcomed anyone suffering with medical hair loss to visit after the two young women shared their experiences in a heartfelt video.

Reed Hair stylist Zoe Kingham has been trained by My New Hair – a charity which provides advice and support to anyone who has experienced medical hair loss.

It also has a national support network of independent salons and professionals who provide wig-customisation services.

Zoe said: “We are here to provide help, advice and support to anyone living with the effects of medical hair loss.

“We understand hair loss can affect people on many different levels, both emotionally and physically.

“We collaborate with other health professionals to give people back control of their illness, whether that be through chemotherapy or other types of medical hair loss.

“My clients’ personal appointments are carried out in our lounge allowing them privacy, encouraging them to be joined by friends or family for support.”

Zoe’s vision for the future is to educate people on how stylists can be the perfect person to diagnose new or ongoing hair loss conditions.

Reed Hair co-owner Vicki Meredith said: “We know how daunting it can be to enter a new hair salon for the first time.

“To have to explain your hair loss concerns is doubly hard – we want to stop this stigma in its tracks.

“We are here to listen and support, and if we can’t help, we will know someone that can.

“Please listen to Maddison and Charlotte’s story.

“It is truly inspiring and one we would like to share.”