A BOOK-LOVER is fighting back against the rise of e-books and online retail giants by opening a new independent store.

Olivia Rosenthall is opening Maldon Books in the High Street on December 7.

The 26-year-old has always wanted to open her own bookshop and decided Maldon would be the perfect place.

She’s not worried about competing with the likes of Amazon.

Olivia said: “I’ve worked in bookshops for the last three years and always wanted to open one of my own. It’s been an idea floating around so I decided this year to take the leap and do it.

“It’s something that’s been a dream of mine and I thought Maldon is the perfect place for a book shop.

“I live in Bradwell, but I’ve grown up in the area and I’ve always wanted to see a bookshop here.

“There’s a Waterstones and Foyles in Chelmsford and a WH Smith in Maldon, but there have been no independent book shops around for quite a while.

“I think really in the last five years books have had such a resurgence and people are really starting to want to shop local and source different ways to read that aren’t through Amazon or audiobooks.

“People are returning to physical books because of the experience of it.

“Holding a book in your hands and flicking through the pages is something magical and unique.”

Audiobook sales surged a staggering 43 per cent to £69million in 2018.

Despite the popularity of digital reading and online buying, Olivia believes it is important to keep local bookshops alive for the community.

She added: “Hopefully it can bring more people to the High Street.

“I’m hoping to put on events and book clubs and reading time for children, and get local people involved as much as possible.

“It’s not just a shop but a creative space that can keep bringing people back and bringing them together – bookshops are all about the community presence.

“It’s so important to keep bookshops going and give people the space to browse – somewhere you can recommend books to others.”

The opening will be attended by special guest and Percy the Park Keeper author Nick Butterworth, who will cut the ribbon.

To find out more, visit facebook.com/maldonbooks.