RESIDENTS have turned to a police boss for help following concerns about a “dangerous” main road.

Pauline and Raymond Wood, of Goldhanger Road in Heybridge, argue not enough is being done to prevent speeding and dangerous overtaking on the 60mph road.

After months of lobbying for speed reductions and speed enforcements, the couple reached out to the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner’s office for support.

Their plea for help comes following fears someone could be killed by reckless drivers.

A spokesman for the commissioner’s office said in a response to the couple: “We have made enquiries with the Chief Constable’s office.

“They have provided their assurance your concern will now receive immediate attention and a response sent to you as soon as possible.

“Unfortunately, it has not been possible to explain why there has been a delay as the Chief Constable’s Staff Officer is no longer working in the office to make inquiries with.

“Please be assured the team will have oversight of the current concerns being raised by residents of Essex.”

The response said the issue will be addressed during a performance meeting with the Chief Constable of Essex Police.

Raymond Wood said residents are in “mortal danger” due to speeding cars and a lack of restrictions.

He said: “I have the highest regard for the Police Commissioner’s Office. They see it as a serious matter for residents and they are committed to liaising with us.

“I believe people who live along this road or travel along this road, those who live, work or visit here, are in mortal danger.

“There are a lot of people who are worried. It’s serious. We’re nervous.

“Residents turn up at every meeting and speak at every meeting, month after month, to get things changed.

“We live with a danger that could be significantly reduced by two simple things - speed checks and cameras.

“We just want the police to discourage reckless, angry driving.

“If the speed limits are enforced and dangerous overtaking is discouraged by Essex Police, we are, we believe, halfway there.”

The matter has also been raised with the Local Highways Panel, which is responsible for making recommendations and setting priorities for highways schemes.