I REALLY must take issue with your correspondent Mary-Ann Munford (Letters, November 7).

John Whittingdale OBE has served Maldon and surrounding areas for many years now; even some entrenched Labour supporters have acknowledged to me that he has been an excellent constituency MP.

During the period of the last Labour Government I was faced with a very painful health problem, which required an operation.

I was informed it would take a year via waiting time on the NHS.

I mentioned this to Mr Whittingdale, along with what I thought of Labour’s promises.

He offered to intervene, which he did via Parliament, as well as keeping me informed.

He pursued the matter to the letter, and more, with the issue being resolved with every success within a matter of a few weeks.

This was not the first time he has acted promptly for me, which speaks volumes, as I am not a Conservative Party member; just an ordinary member of the voting public.

To consider voting in some Corbynista, or other unknown, to my mind is unthinkable.

How does the old adage go?

If it is working OK, don’t attempt to fix it.

As far as the Liberal Democrats go, I have little short of contempt for them.

I seem to recall Vince Cable state it was his intention to overturn Brexit in order to remain in the EU, and the current Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has more or less said the same.

This in my view is sticking to fingers up at more than 17 million people who voted leave. So much for their brand of democracy.

Ms Swinson has chirped several times to the effect that she is ready to become our next Prime Minister.

Oh dear. Perhaps she has a fairy godmother we know nothing about, who can wave her wand over a now discarded pumpkin in order to turn her illusions of grandeur into reality. God forbid.


Alex Jennings

Fernlea Road, Burnham