We relocated to North Fambridge just over 18 months ago.

The main attraction of our new home in North Fambridge was that it was a dark village with no light pollution and the unspoilt landscape from our rear garden.

A new estate will change the alluring characteristics of the village of about 600 homes, the new houses will represent 12.5 per cent of the village.

Street lighting from lamps 6 metres (19ft) high will not only effect the local wildlife but will produce an unacceptable level of light pollution.

I live in one of the new houses in Mayfield, North Fambridge with the low level lighting mentioned in the Standard (November 14).

The lighting is adequate for driving and pedestrians with minimal light pollution.

This is not nimbyism, I fully understand the need for additional homes in the UK and would not object to small housing estates to accommodate this country’s growing population.

A total of 75 homes in a village with a single spine road and little infrastructure to support this number of new homes highlights the greed of the developers and the insensitivity of the Government planning officers who approved this application in the first place.

The junction of Fambridge Road and the B1012 Lower Burnham Road is extremely difficult and at times dangerous to turn into and out of due to the limited line of sight.

Assuming these are to be family homes there will be much more traffic in Fambridge Road, especially the school runs twice each day.

It is obscene that planners and developer have allowed this number and style of homes into a rural village.


Phil Lloyd

Church Road, North Fambridge