A COUPLE from Maldon won a bizarre overnight stay in a Crystal Maze audio-visual experience, transporting them into their favourite TV show.

Cara Goodchild and Wayne Driver stayed overnight at the renowned Crystal Maze Live Experience after winning a competition.

The maze was transformed into a bedroom by TripAdvisor and Wayfair for the very first time, and the Maldon pair were the first ones to experience it.

The couple were taken on a trip back to the Aztec era, sleeping among ancient ruins from the comfort of an elegant bed styled with bohemian linens, surrounded by lanterns and colourful rugs.

Cara said: “As lifelong fans of The Crystal Maze, we were so excited to win this once-in-a-lifetime chance to step into our favourite TV show and sleep under the stars of the Aztec Zone.

“The bedroom looked absolutely stunning and we had the most amazing night before our adventure through the Crystal Maze.”

The Crystal Maze Live Experience is one of London’s top-rated ‘Things to Do’ on TripAdvisor. It’s based on the much-loved TV classic, and involves teams going head-to-head in the maze’s Medieval, Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic adventure zones.

Guided by an eccentric Maze Master, players aim to win crystals by completing a mixture of mental, physical, skill, and mystery challenges.

Opened in London in March 2016 and in Manchester in April 2017, it is organised by production company Little Lion Entertainment as an immersive, interactive theatre experience and was crowdfunded via IndieGoGo.

There are 60 actors across both sites with each show lasting around 75 minutes and teams of eight entering the maze every seven minutes.

The production company filming the most recent The Crystal Maze series on Channel 4 used The Crystal Maze Live Experience London venue for a one-off special in 2016, hosted by Stephen Merchant.

Picking up the 2016 Attraction World award, The Crystal Maze Live Experience has already proven popular with teams of friends and family.

To find out more, visit the-crystal-maze.com.