A HOMEOWNER from Burnham is warning residents after receiving bogus bank calls.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, said she received two scam calls last week claiming to be from Barclays.

She was asked to give out her bank details in order to stop them from ‘freezing’ her account.

She said: “They were telling me someone had tried to use my debit card three times and they were asking for my information.

“I wasn’t gullible but I wanted to warn people and put older people on alert.”

Essex Trading Standards warned residents to be vigilant.

A spokesperson said: “We urge people to remember these rules when dealing with unsolicited telephone calls. If you are not sure hang up the phone, check with someone you trust before agreeing to anything, never give out your personal information, treat your personal information like cash.

“A legitimate business, even your bank, will never ask for your pin number, and it’s OK to end the conversation.”