A SUPER-VEG grower has turned his giant pumpkin into a ginormous Jack-o’-lantern.

Ben White, of Heybridge, presented his 423lb pumpkin at the RHS Garden Hyde Hall Taste of Autumn show this year.

In the seasonal spirit, he decided he would transform the giant veg into a scary display outside his house.

The carving showed the behemoth pumpkin biting down on its regular-sized counterpart.

Ben, 30, started growing his pumpkin from a seed in April in time for the autumn show.

The vines and leaves took up 600 square feet of his garden and the pumpkin soaked up 100 litres of water a day.

Mr White said: “When I got it home, I was happy just to leave it there and take the seeds for next year. I’ve done the shows and my family thought it would be a good idea.

“The pumpkin was carved for a bit of fun as you don’t normally get to see big pumpkins on show or in the shops.”

Ben got to work, and it took two hours to carve the pumpkin by himself.

He said it was a great challenge.

He added: “None of it went to waste.

“We did everything with it. We made pumpkin soup with it, I fed some to the chickens, we used the rest for compost, and I gave away some seeds.

“Really, everyone got a piece of the pumpkin.

“Trick-or-Treaters didn’t think it was real and even adults wanted to touch just to make sure.

“A dog walker insisted I post the pumpkin carving online.The post has received more than 700 likes and families came to have photos with it so I’m glad everyone has had some enjoyment.

“I’m really surprised how much engagement it got.”

Ben said he would definitely be growing another one for next year.

He has ordered two special seeds all the way from the US which came out of the world’s eighth heaviest pumpkin.The seeds were worth $150.

Ben added: “My goal next year is to grow it to one thousand pounds in weight.”