I noted with interest Geoff Dickman’s comment “we fought wars to keep independence” (Letters, October 24).

I assume Mr Dickman is now in his 90s as he phrases it “we....”.

I thank him for his sacrifice but would go on to ask him not to claim to speak for my father, who fought in Burma, and grandfather who left the coalmines of Aberfan in Wales to spend four years in the trenches in France.

They fought for peace and a desperate desire for their sons and grandsons not to have to face war, not about some negative view of “foreigners”.

They were proud of two outcomes of those wars: votes for women and the NHS.

Now our nation seems distracted and run by leaders who are untruthful and selfish.

I fear for our next generation, growing up in a world led by the likes of Trump.

The world has become a very scary place again. Can we please refrain from claiming wars as something to be proud of and adding them to claims of moral high ground for political ends?

Merfyn Roberts

Wellington Road, Maldon