A ZERO-WASTE shop has made its mark in Maldon after just one month of trying turning the town eco-friendly.

Sisters Lucie Walker-Hutt, 30, and Charlotte Walker, 32, opened Silo on September 30 after starting to see the world through their children’s eyes.

The shop sells loose dried goods, baking ingredients and cleaning products, encouraging customers to bring their own containers to refill with groceries.

Charlotte said: “The shop has been going really well.

“Apparently, we’re the talk of the town!

“People have been really excited we’re open, and we’ve had people thanking us for doing this.

“The whole community has been supportive.

“Over the past month we estimate our customers have saved over 1,000 pieces of plastic from landfill.

“People have really embraced the refill system and love to bring their own jars and containers.”

The sisters say they hoped customers would love having the option to shop the old-fashioned way, where plastic-free wholefoods are the norm.

Charlotte said: “Our customers have also told us that they love that we champion local where possible.

“For example, we have Maldon honey and Maldon soap, both of which are delivered to the shop on foot. We also have locally made beeswax wraps.

“The most popular local products so far are the sourdough bread, baked fresh and delivered every Thursday and Saturday, and the local fruit and veg from Sarah Green’s Organics.

“There used to be lots of shops like ours, but they died out with the supermarkets.

“Now people have become more aware of plastic pollution it’s come full circle.”

In addition to the zero-waste store, Charlotte co-owns Dante’s Brasserie on Maldon High Street with husband Mario Nargi.

Lucie said: “My sister is the brains and business-wise one and I’m the eco-minded one, so together we make a good team.”

Zero-waste shops have seen a growth in popularity across the county as people cut down on plastics, single-use packaging and food waste. Silo is located on Bright’s Path.