A SEAFARING radio station had a visit from a former big-name Radio 1 DJ.

Radio Caroline welcomed former breakfast show host and TV presenter Mike Read aboard historic pirate radio ship the Ross Revenge.

Mike stayed aboard overnight, chatting to visitors to the ship, taking part in the DJs’ day-to-day life and then hosting his two-hour Radio Milestones show on the online station United DJs.

Mike spent a week broadcasting his breakfast show from different locations of historic radio interest.

He said: “It was great to visit Radio Caroline, the station where so many Radio 1 DJs started their careers.”

Station manager Peter Moore added: “Mike is visiting many notable locations, but we are pleased that our ship and our radio station has the status of ‘still is’ rather than ‘once was’.”

Mike chose the Ross Revenge, moored on the River Blackwater, as the first in a series of locations that played a part in the history of UK radio.

Radio Caroline was a catalyst for the launch of Radio 1 in 1967.

Many pirate radio DJs, such as Tony Blackburn, Johnnie Walker and Tommy Vance, later went on to become household names at the Beeb.