A LIFEBOAT crew was called into action after two sailing boats ran aground.

Burnham RNLI Atlantic class Tony & Robert Britt lifeboat had just returned to base from a training exercise when an SOS call came in.

Two sailing boats had run aground about 100 metres apart near Creaksea Sailing Club in choppy water and with winds gusting up to 30mph.

The first boat, which had three people on board, was taking part in a race when it ran aground.

It was too close to the shore for the lifeboat crew to attach a line to re-float the boat.

Their anchor was dropped while waiting for the tide to turn.

The second boat had one person onboard.

The lifeboat crew tried to attach a line in an attempt to tow it into deeper water but failed.

Both sailing boats successfully refloated later in the day once the tide had turned without any injuries to the crews or damage to the vessels.

The incidents happened on Sunday, October 6.