A BID to build a new £750,000 village hall will create a “lasting legacy” in Tolleshunt D’Arcy for the next 100 years and help sustain the community for “generations to come”.

The current village hall was put up on land donated by local farmers in 1923.

It was previously a recovery ward on Canvey Island for injured service personnel in the First World War.

But the hall has now passed the end of its useful life and a bid to built a new energy-efficient, eco-friendly, hi-tech building has been launched, with “overwhelming support” from villagers.

A village hall charity trust and grant and community funding groups were set up earlier this year.

Trust vice-chairman Charles Clark said: “It is early days in our quest for funding but we have been awarded £14,000 in grants, and the fundraising by the community funding group has raised almost £4,000 through well-attended events in and centred on the village hall.

“Contact has been made with the Lottery and a wider funding strategy will be followed to obtain the £750,000 needed.”

Mr Clark spoke about the demise of rural villages and the need for a new hall to Maldon Rotary Club in September and was presented with a cheque for £100 by club president Alan Smith.

Maldon Rotary later awarded another £2,000 to the trust.

A club spokesman said: “In his talk, Mr Clark spoke of the demise of facilities in villages – shops, post offices, bus services and other amenities which are fast disappearing, leaving only the village hall as the social hub.

“More than ever the village hall provides services from early morning to late at night, facilitating child and infant care, social and educational groups, post offices and doctors surgeries, sports and games, dances and family gatherings.

“Sadly, D’Arcy Village Hall has reached the end of its useful life, needing much modernisation.

“A team of dedicated volunteers is raising the money needed to rebuild the hall and this donation will be put towards the fund.”

  • An article last week said £75,000 was needed to repair the village hall. It should have said £750,000 was needed for a new building.

Sorry for the confusion.