I WRITE regarding Mervyn Perriman’s romantic and idealistic notion of making the High Street and Market Hill pedestrianised (Letters, September 19, “Maldon must act to lose most polluted street tag”.)

While being a very noble and politically correct gesture, and in his eyes a win-win situation (which I assume he sees things through rose tinted specs), I assume he doesn’t drive a car?

However, wouldn’t it be nice for him, as his home in Spital Road would certainly benefit from less traffic noise and pollution.

Surely anyone with an ounce of sense can see this proposal is completely impractical and absurd.

Does Mr Perriman not realise Maldon has two crossings over the River Blackwater.

This makes both Maldon and the towns and villages beyond similar to an island situation.

The next nearest crossing of this river aside from Maldon is at Woodham Walter (Hoe Mill) which is closed for ongoing roadworks, thus now making the nearest crossing of the Chelmer and Blackwater at Paper Mill Lock (Great Baddow).

There is the option of completely bypassing Maldon and Heybridge to cross the River Blackwater at Blue Mills (Wickham Bishops), which throws up its own little hornets nest of problems.

So with the ever increasing new housing developments in and around Maldon and Heybridge leading to a population boom and with that obviously comes masses of extra cars.

Why do we need to close any roads? Especially when our beloved little town of Maldon is the last Easterly crossing point of the River Blackwater - as beyond it is just estuary and sea.

Perhaps Mr Perriman thinks we should not only go back to the days of horse and carts, but also cross the Blackwater by sailing barge (tide permitting!).

Can he not understand we need, now more than ever, as many roads as we can muster due to the fact the roads are already struggling to cope with traffic as it is.

Anyone caught up in the horrendous traffic jams and gridlocking of Maldon and Heybridge due to three way traffic lights at the bottom of the Causeway a few weeks ago will agree with me I’m certain.

Give us some more roads please, then maybe we can begin to consider a pedestrianised High Street in Maldon.

Luke Mayes,

Mayland Close, Heybridge