FIGURES from a survey have highlighted residents' concerns with the location of a new health hub.

More than 800 residents in South Woodham Ferrers were interviewed by South Woodham Ferrer’s Patient Participation Groups.

The three groups came together to produce survey responses on the new Crouch Vale medical centre which they will hope to pass to ‘relevant bodies’.

Results showed that 43% were unhappy with the location of the centre, 69% had concerns about accessing the site, 91% would like to retain some medical services in the town centre.

A group spokesman said: “The survey was constructed on the basis that the new health clinic on the perimeter of the town is here to stay and will be the principle centre for primary healthcare provision in the town for years to come.

“Since the decision was announced, however, there has been considerable criticism of the location of the new clinic and there was a suspicion that those who made the decisions had not taken account of the wants and needs of the residents of the town.

“In particular, the needs of the frail and elderly and those with mobility problems do not appear to have been taken seriously.

“The feedback received confirms that the new building needs to be considered as one constituent of an integrated and well thought-out plan for the future, rather than a 'like it or lump it' standalone facility.

“The results of the survey, which will be widely disseminated, will have to be taken seriously by the decision makers.

“It would help if they were to acquaint themselves with the views of the residents in the hope that they can formulate a plan which has some chance of success here.

“It is now mandatory that all concerned in the revision of the structure of healthcare in the town act swiftly and decisively on the basis of the findings of this survey.”

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