A 95-year-old woman is showing Bradwell care home residents how to get their hips moving.

Freda Howard has been setting an example through fitness classes which benefit mobility and overall health.

Freda says once she started hula- hooping at Down Hall Residential Care Home, her memories of youth all came flooding back to her.

She said: “As children we would have hula hoop competitions in our neighbourhood to see who could keep their hoop going for the longest without stopping.

“We would also see how long we could spin more than one hula hoop for, and I remember my record was spinning four hoops for five minutes.”

The exercise class is led by Louise Simon, who follows guidelines on physical activity for the over 65s.

It aims to strengthen both the physical health and mental wellbeing of residents.

Louise said: “Physical activity is incredibly beneficial to older adults, it reduces cardiovascular risk, improves sleep, and promotes better cognitive function.

“It also reduces the risk of falls by increasing strength and stability.

“It can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of residents who are living with dementia and can improve quality of life in all stages of the condition.”

In addition to the physical health benefits, the exercise supports mental wellbeing by improving mood and self-esteem.

Although the exercises are chair-based, Louise uses equipment such as balls and ribbons to encourage movement.

Resident Di Pond, aged 77, said: “The classes are a lot of fun, I have such a giggle taking part and I enjoy throwing and catching the ball and using the ribbons- It gets you moving.”

Louise added: “Since we’ve been running the classes, we’ve seen significant results, with residents saying they feel happier and healthier.”

The home provides a year-round calendar of activities and events for residents.