A TEN-YEAR-OLD girl cycled from London to Paris in just three days to raise cash for a cancer charity.

Emma DeGiorgio of The Stiles, Heybridge set off from Greenwich Park in London with her dad James on a three day challenge, ending at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The young cycling fanatic, who has been conquering feats such as this for around two years undertook her latest and greatest challenge for the charity Bloodwise.

For the past 60 years, the organisation has funded world-wide research into how to treat blood cancers such as Leukaemia and Lymphoma.

After the almost 300-mile trip, Emma had raised a grand total of £1,385 for the cause.

Recalling her favourite moment of the trip, Emma said: "I was so excited to see the Eiffel Tower, and the best bit was being able to lift my bike up in front of the tower.

"Also, I want to say a massive thank you for all the amazing support and the donations to Bloodwise."

The father and daughter team faced a couple of problems along their long ride.

Early on day one, the pair had some mechanical difficulties with their bikes, but were still able to make to Newhaven, just in time for their ferry to Dieppe.

One day two, they set off for Beauvais, just under 50-miles from Paris.

After a slow start, Emma warmed up and the pair arrived at their destination an hour ahead of schedule.

The third day, the family unit rode into Paris, and they caught their first glimpse of the finish line, The Eiffel Tower.

James said his daughter's smile was "as wide as the River Seine" as they cycled around the manic Arc De Triomphe.

He added: "I was quite nervous about the final few miles, cycling in any city can be tricky, let alone cycling on the wrong side of the road with a ten-year-old.

"I need not have worried, Emma showed wonderful composure on the busy roads, and breezed into Paris effortlessly.

"It was very special to complete this challenge with Emma, we've created a memory that will last a lifetime.

"Although I am somewhat nervous about what type of challenge she will want to do to top this."

For their next task, Emma asked her dad if they could do London to Paris, and back to London.

His only response was: "We'll see."

To donate to Emma, go to justgiving.com/fundraising/emma-london2paris2019